Severn Power REMIT

Unit 10 Offline Compressor Wash

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Reference number / Reference number 2014/10/01[CJH]-01
Type of asset or agreement Power Plant
Affected unit(s) Severn 10
Country UK
Time of capacity reduction 01.10.2014    -   09.00 hrs
Company Macquarie
Cause Maintenance / Vedligehold
Type of fuel(s) Gas
Capacity influenced 410 MW
Available capacity during outage or maintenance 0 MW
Estimated outage or maintenance duration 01/10/2014   13:00hrs)
Duration uncertainty +/- 1 hour
Additional information Unit off load for offline compressor wash
Event status

From: 01/Oct/2014 09:00

To: 01/Oct/2014 13:00