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Welcome to Baglan Bay power station

Baglan Bay Power Station is a gas powered Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) with a maximum capacity of 582MW (post replant), comprising of one gas turbine and one steam turbine operating on a single shaft.

Situated near Port Talbot in South Wales, construction commenced in 2000 with commissioning being completed in 2003.

Baglan Bay Power Station was commissioned in 2004 and at the time of its construction was the world’s largest most advanced CCGT. It now has a thermal efficiency of 56.6% (increasing to 58.4% with the planned replant in 2022).

In conjunction with the Welsh Government, Baglan Bay Power Station formed the basis of the Baglan Energy Park which is the home of businesses ranging from catering through to manufacturing.

Originally owned and operated by General Electric Inc. the station was acquired by MPF Holdings Limited in October 2012 (now Calon Energy).