Severn Power REMIT

Outage Complete on Severn Power Unit 20

Category: Maintenance Outage

General Template for Regulatory Reporting   
Reference number                                                      2014/04/27 (KW) 01
Type of asset or agreement                                       Power Plant
Affected unit(s)                                                          Severn 20
Country                                                                      UK
Time of capacity reduction                                        02:00 (GMT) 26/04/2014
Company                                                                   MPF (Holdings) Ltd
Cause                                                                         Outage
Type of fuel(s)                                                           Natural Gas
Capacity influenced                                                   410 MW
Available capacity during outage or maintenance            0 MW
Estimated outage or maintenance duration   From 02:00 (GMT) on 26/04/2014 to 21:15 (GMT) on 27/04/2014
Duration uncertainty                                                  +/- 6 hours
Additional information            Outage complete and Unit is now available
Event status                                                               Complete
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From: 26/Apr/2014 02:00

To: 27/Apr/2014 21:15