Calon Energy – a new name for a ‘new’ entrant to the energy sector

After buying its first gas fired power station, Baglan Bay Power Station in Port Talbot in October 2012, MPF Operations has since added two further gas fired power stations and now owns:

  • Baglan Bay Power Station, Port Talbot
  • Sutton Bridge Power Station, Lincolnshire
  • Severn Power Station, Newport

Now capable of providing up to 6 per cent of the UK’s average energy demand, MPF Operations is today changing its name to Calon Energy to provide a single identity for its customers and employees and to reflect its consolidated position as a new entrant in the UK energy sector.

The Head Office remains at Severn Power Station, where most employees are based, and the newly named business is keen to play an important role in providing the UK with energy at peak times.

Kevin McCullough, Chief Executive, said

“We are one of the newest entrants in the energy sector which continues to face many challenges and it is important that all of us, as energy consumers, get the lowest prices possible.

However, it is equally important that the UK has a secure and sustainable energy sector and as a smaller, but highly flexible, gas-fired generator we are in a strong position to support efficient energy supply to UK consumers at peak times.

We would like to thank all those that have worked with us as MPF Operations and look forward to strengthening our relationships under our new name – Calon Energy”.

Notes to Editors:

Baglan Bay Power Station

Baglan Bay Power Station is a 525MW capacity gas powered Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) situated near Port Talbot in South Wales. Construction commenced in 2000 with commissioning completed in 2003.

Baglan Bay Power Station was inaugurated by HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip in October 2004 and at the time of its construction was one of the world’s most advanced CCPP with a thermal efficiency of 55%.

The station was acquired by MPF Holdings Limited in October 2012.

Sutton Bridge Power Station

Sutton Bridge Power Station is an 819MW capacity gas powered Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), adjacent to the River Nene, approximately 3km from Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire, England.

Constructed for Enron before being purchased by EDF Energy in 2000, Sutton Bridge has a thermal efficiency of 54%.

The station was acquired by MPF Holdings Limited in March 2013.

Severn Power Station

Severn Power Station is an 832MW capacity gas powered Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) located on land formally occupied by the demolished Uskmouth ‘A’ power station near Newport, South Wales.

Commercial operations commenced in November 2010. The station has enough capability to supply in the region of 1.5 million British households with power and is one of the most efficient gas fired power stations in the UK, with a thermal efficiency of 58%.

The station was acquired by MPF Holdings Limited in December 2013.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Mackintosh
Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Calon Energy
Mobile: 07780 888 787