Wednesday 18th March

Early morning start before breakfast we were out on the bow watching the ship steer carefully through the Lamaire Channel a narrow passage between mountains rising 900m vertically out of the sea on both sides with only 400m between them.  The weather is cold and gloomy but this just adds to the very tense dramatic feel of what’s happening around us. Since we arrived in Antarctica there is a reel feeling of danger, Antarctica is beautiful and quiet and prestine and inviting like siren beckoning you to reach out and touch her, only you somehow know not to because if you do, she will grab you and pull you into the icy water where there is only one outcome! Calling for your mummy isn’t going to help.

Our first cruise in the zodiacs, nikki our driver manoeuvres our boat with precision carving her way through a myriad of stranded icebergs these are beautiful the light enhances the depth of colour, blues like you have never seen before.  A bunch of wildlife too, Gentoo penguins porpoising through the water only feet away, fur seals and crab eater seals (which don’t actually eat crabs) lazing around on the odd iceberg here and there.  Spotted and carefully approached by our skilled driver from Team Quark.



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