Thursday 19th ‘Flag Day’

Travelling through the night the ship reached Neko Harbour a natural bay surrounded by huge glaciers.

So the flag day is all about having your picture taken with Robert Swan OBE holding one side of your country or company or product flag that you have.  Speaking to Robert later he shared with me how demanding the day was with over 80 participants from 29 countries having several photos each, one very important time for most as there is always a moment of pride when the flags come out.

We walked up to a point called Meditation Rock where people could reflect and view this magnificent bay from a vantage and watch the light change as the clouds moved effortlessly in the sky. The wind caused a small windchill of -10 which cooled us down and reminded us of where we were.

A huge leapord seal followed our zodiac back to the ship, the water here is crystal clear so we could track his movements under water as it darted from one side to the other, these animals are big, they have a huge head muscly and full of razor sharp teeth. It’s agile beyond it’s size, its at least 7ft long and looks about 200lb (I’m guessing).


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