Sunday 22nd March

We are in a volcano, wierd but true, Deception Island is an arctic coldera, which is a volcano collapsed upon itself.  Its still active and you can feel the warm sand on the beach where hot springs warm it up.  Last errupted back in 1970, it has small crators around its edge and further evidence of those recent erruptions.
Deception Island is so called due to access to the centre of the caldera is a narrow opening, difficult to spot, even in good conditions.

We had two walks today, a walk around one of the craters described to us by one of the Quark team, about the erruption and effect on the surrounding glacier.



A visit to the Whaling Station in a seperate bay was our next destination, an old whaling station where the oil was extracted and stored before shipping around the world for lighting and heating homes.


There is alot of history in Antarctica and acts as a reminder for future generations.

Our second walk took us up 400m from the beach to the rim of the caldera, giving us magnificent panoramic views of Deception Island, a straight forward walk, windy at times with the need to rope up on our descent.


This would be our last landing, we are heding back into Drakes Passage this evening.

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