David’s Conclusion

What an experience, its difficult to describe all the events, feelings and spoken words throughout our 14 day journey.

For me there were several firsts, swimming in the Antarctic sea, camping on Antarctica, seeing whales and many more smaller events that will all stay with me for the rest of my life.  Yes a truely life changing experience, I look upon the world in a different way, not with cynicism but with hope.

A major part of the expedition for me was to explore the realms of leadership, to gain further knowledge and expand my own leadership skills.  I learned how knowing yourself, your own fundemental values is key to becoming the leader you want to be, an authentic leader who people enjoy working with.  Having an understanding of your own strengths born from those beliefs and leading from those strengths with a support team that complement you.  Making responsible desicions and how they effect those around you, including your community, consider the longer term outcome of those desicions.

Antactica a unique place, beautiful in its majestic way, a barometer for the health of the planet.  Robert Swans mission is to keep it like that, untouched, unspoiled for future generations to see.  He understands the importance of this place and how it is our responsibility to ensure its future, our responsability to make the right desicions through the choices we make.  Our leaders, both governmental and business have an obligation to look to the future and consider the impact of policies.

I recommend further individuals have the opportunity to do what myself and Stuart have done, attend an expedition with 2041.com, it will challenge them in many different ways and develop their skills beyond any classroom in Croydon can ever do.

Thank you to all those who helped and supported us on this journey.


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