Saturday 21st March

We were woken early this morning to get our feet onto deck 7, normally reserved for crew only, this was the top deck of the ship.  What greated us just 200m away was a huge tableau iceberg 1km in length, 70m high and approximately 250 billion tons.


Today was a day of special events, first the iceberg, then later a pod of Orca whales graced us with their presence, around 30 including large males and calfs with their mothers.  I never thought i’d get to see killer whales like this only 20m away from the ship at times.

We headed for Browns Bluff but were unable to land due to the sea ice building up, it is the end of the summer down here, so the team had more exciting things for us instead.  A first for 2041 and the team, a landing on an iceberg, just a little one, but still an exciting event, imagine walking on an iceberg!


Later that day, THE POLAR PLUNGE! need I say more?

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